Sons of Liberty Survival Outfitters LLC Launches SOL Patriot Discount Club
Per their Facebook Post Today:

On this July 4th, the 242nd Anniversary of our Declaration of Independence, let us remember that America was not a gift, it was built. America was not born - as some inevitable happy accident - it was fought for and won through the blood, sweat, and lives of patriotic men & women who refused to be subjects and instead decided, by themselves and without permission, to live free. If we are to uphold these values and continue to live free we must be smart, skilled, strong, and formidable - both as individuals and communities. The government’s job is to protect our freedom, but the government cannot make us free. We are free because we are willing to defend our own freedom.

On this July 4th, in the spirit of the American Revolution, Sons of Liberty is proud to launch our PATRIOT DISCOUNT CLUB. Through our new network we are committed to connecting Patriotic Americans who want to build their skills and who believe in & support America, our Servicemen, our Law Enforcement, our First Responders, our Small Businesses, our Constitution, and our Natural Born Rights, with fellow servicemen, businessmen, and countrymen to strengthen ourselves in defense of our liberty. Click the link below to Join US!

United We Stand.