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Thread: The biggest oppressed group.

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    Cool The biggest oppressed group.

    People who don't get laid. Is Trump doing anything about it?

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    A transcript of a Whitehouse call.

    TD: Yes.
    Caller: Mr. President?
    TD: Yes. How can I help you?
    C: Mr. President, I have a problem. I am almost 40 and haven't been laid. Is there anything wrong with the country? Is there something you could fix?
    TD: Well, what are you interested in? I hear Pamela is available, but she's totally out of shape. They couldn't show her in a bikini in the latest Baywatch movie.
    C: That's crazy and I am not really interested in Pamela. She's not my type. I would like to find somebody like me.
    TD: Well, who are you?
    C: I am somebody who is generally afraid of life and is not expecting good things in life unless they cheat.
    TD: Have you cheated?
    C: Many times.
    TD: Despite all the cheating you didn't get ahead in life too far?
    C: Exactly!
    TD: Maybe you could stop cheating?
    C: Really?
    TD: Really.
    C: And then it will work?
    TD: Yes, but have to do one more thing.
    C: Anything!
    TD: Grow a pair!

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