Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey will not debate his Republican primary opponent, former Secretary of State Ken Bennett, because he considers him a "fringe" candidate, Ducey's campaign manager said on Wednesday.
Bennett, who also is a former president of the Arizona Senate, left the mainstream when he announced that he would not appoint Cindy McCain to her husband's U.S. Senate seat if he were governor, said J.P. Twist, Ducey’s re-election campaign manager.
John McCain is battling brain cancer. If he dies while in office, the state’s governor would appoint someone to the seat.
Bennett posted his vow on Twitter on May 31. Though there is an anti-McCain wing of the Arizona Republican party, the Tweet drew the ire of the state's Republican Party chairman.
Ducey, in a radio interview, referred to Bennett’s remark as "indecent" and "embarrassing."

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