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Thread: Why is Hollywood creatively bankrupt?

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    Why is Hollywood creatively bankrupt?

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    There's been some great movies this year. A Quiet Place was especially good, which shouldn't be surprising as its a Michael Bay film
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    Liberalism destroys the mind, it destroys creativity.
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    The answer may surprise you....

    The largest audience for consumption of products that Hollywood puts out isn't America, it is China. As such the story lines have to be simple (remember the majority of their people are just out of the peasant stage, China is a developing nation) so you are not going to see a lot of deep literary themes. Also because the Chinese government is authoritarian they will not focus on stories against the government or that glorify individualism. So when many movies are made these days they have to make it in such a way that it will play in China too.

    That is a big part of it.
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    Movies in america are made for communists by communists . Given that , how good do you expect them to be ?
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    Because they can't come up with something original. Everything you see is either a reboot or a sequel.
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