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Thread: Sessions announces initiative on zoning regulations for religious institutions

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    Sessions announces initiative on zoning regulations for religious institutions

    Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced an initiative on Wednesday aimed at boosting the Justice Department's role protecting religious institutions from cumbersome zoning rules. "Under the laws of this country, government cannot discriminate against people based on their religion -- not in law enforcement, not in grant-making, not in hiring and not in local zoning laws," Sessions said in a statement announcing the Place to Worship Initiative.

    The announcement said the Justice Department would expand awareness of a 2000 law to shield religious institutions from overly restrictive zoning regulations and would provide "additional training and resources for federal prosecutors," with an inaugural community outreach event in New Jersey later this month.
    The planned event in New Jersey would come after the Justice Department also announced on Wednesday it was bringing a complaint under that 2000 law against the New Jersey borough Woodcliff Lake and Woodcliff Lake's zoning board of adjustment. Politico reported last year that the Justice Department had opened a probe into potential religious discrimination in Woodcliff Lake regarding an Orthodox Jewish group.

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    I just sat through a Board of Zoning Appeals meeting where the issue I was there to support had to do with onerous regulations on churches in my city. I am happy to see the DOJ bringing awareness to this issue. For once, the DOJ wants to support individual liberties and property rights. I can't wait to see the DOJ come down on a city council or a homeowners' association.
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