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Thread: Democrats introduce an election security bill that proposes paper trails and mandatory audits

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    Democrats introduce an election security bill that proposes paper trails and mandatory audits

    As primaries ramp up in states across the U.S., concerns about election cybersecurity are mounting too. This week, a group of Democratic senators introduced a bill to mitigate some of the well-established risks that the nation's uneven mix of voting machines and election systems poses.
    The new bill, known as the Protecting American Votes and Elections Act, proposes two significant measures. First, because not all digital voting systems produce a paper trail, it would require all state and local elections to ensure that their equipment produces voter-verified paper ballots that can be cross-referenced. Second, for all federal elections regardless of outcome, state and local governments would be required to conduct audits comparing digital ballots to a random selection of paper ballots. The latter policy would cover the 22 states that currently don't require audits following elections.
    “Leaving the fate of America’s democracy up to hackable election machines is like leaving your front door open, unlocked and putting up a sign that says ‘out of town.’ It’s not a question of if bad guys get in, it’s just a question of when," Oregon Senator Ron Wyden said in a statement accompanying the bill.

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    But wouldn't that keep the dead people in the cemetery from voting?

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    So they can keep stuffing the ballot box. They don't even try to hide their shame
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    Democrats want to play fair?

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