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Thread: CNET Magazine: Don't even bother hiding that thumb drive.

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    CNET Magazine: Don't even bother hiding that thumb drive.

    Harley darts into a decrepit room in Connecticut. She's searching for evidence.
    There are plenty of potential distractions in the room: Wires hang from the ceiling. Warped wood paneling buckles away from the walls. Faded yellow cabinets look like someone kicked a hole in them.
    "Are you ready to go to work?" Brett Hochron, a detective with the Westchester County Police, in New York, asks his partner.
    Harley immediately spots a lighter on a table and grabs it. She starts drooling. It's a cold February afternoon, but Harley is focused. The basket of tennis balls next to the table doesn't even get a glance.

    That's because Harley is a very good dog.
    She's also a graduate of an elite K-9 search class that trains dogs to sniff out electronics, including phones, hard drives and microSD cards smaller than your thumb.

    Only one out of every 50 dogs tested qualifies to become an electronic storage detection, or ESD, dog, says Kerry Halligan, a K-9 instructor with the Connecticut State Police. That's because it's a lot harder to detect the telltale chemical in electronics than it is to sniff out narcotics, bombs, fire accelerants or people, she says.
    But Labrador retrievers like Harley, with their long snouts and big muzzles, can pick up even the faintest olfactory clues. These tech-seeking dogs are helping law enforcement find child pornography stashed in hidden hard drives, uncover concealed phones, nab white-collar evidence kept on hard drives and track calls stored on SIM cards.
    The most famous case occurred in 2015, when a Labrador retriever named Bear found a hidden flash drive containing child pornography in the home of former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle. The district attorney called the discovery vital to Fogle's conviction.
    "It's not the bloody knife anymore," Hochron says of clues in modern-day crimes. "It's the search history on a laptop that someone tried to burn."

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    Burn it...burn it all.

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    Can't they just use a scanner to find electronics / bugs / listening devices etc, like in the movies?
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