Remember the US citizen who's been held in Iraq without charge for eight months? The one who was kept without access to counsel for four months? Of course not, because the topic of unlawful detention is so 2008. Anyway, the government has a new solution to that problem, now that they're losing the legal battle:

They want to release him on the streets of Syria.

The Doe v. Mattis saga has taken a significant turn, as the U.S. government continues to attempt to rid itself of the dual U.S.-Saudi citizen it has held in military custody in Iraq since last September (following his capture in Syria by the Syrian Democratic Forces): In a filing late this afternoon in the D.C. federal district court, the government announced that it intends to “release” Doe within 72 hours, dropping him in or near a town in Syria that apparently is identified in an accompanying, sealed declaration.

The ACLU, which represents Doe, has denounced the proposal as “a death warrant,” according to the Washington Post’s Spencer Hsu. “They want to dump an American citizen onto the side of the road in a war-torn country without any assurances of protection and no identification.” Presumably, the ACLU will shortly seek some kind of emergency relief (most likely a preliminary injunction) against the government’s proposed disposition.