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Thread: Mozilla Introduces DNS Privacy to Firefox

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    Mozilla Introduces DNS Privacy to Firefox

    When it comes privacy online, tech company Mozilla has developed tools to make things easier for users, such as a new form of web authentication that lets users ditch passwords and an extension that prevents Facebook tracking across the web.
    Mozilla announced in a blog post on Friday that it would be introducing a new feature that could help preserve user privacy no matter where they browse.
    The technology is called "DNS over HTTPS," also known as DOH.
    It combines the Domain Name System, or DNS, which is used to find the numeric addresses that let websites communicate across a network, and HTTPS, which is the encrypted version of hypertext transfer protocol used to deliver data from websites.
    When these two important functions of the Internet are combined, it prevents hackers and scammers from keeping an eye on what you're trying to reach and doing things like sending you to a fake website.

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    The extra benefit is more complete accesses(?) to your privacy options for us.

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    Remember, what they are really looking for is Political Dissidents, not the average criminal.
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    This is all bollocks as all host names are exposed via SNI -

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