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Thread: 5,000 military dogs went to Vietnam; not a single one came back. Now there is a memorial to ho

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    5,000 military dogs went to Vietnam; not a single one came back. Now there is a memorial to ho

    It's a funny line so it always gets chuckles when Mike Voorhees says it.Voorhees spent months in the jungles of Vietnam as an Army dog handler and when he returned home from war he became a chaplain.
    "I have one distinction no other pastor can say. I can say Satan saved my life at least three times," said Voorhees.
    The Satan in Voorhees' life was a highly trained German Shepherd who worked as a scout dog in Vietnam for several years. Not only did Satan save Voorhees' life, he saved many other American GIs before dying of a tick disease.
    Voorhees will give the invocation at the Highground Veterans Memorial on Saturday for the unveiling of a new memorial to military dogs like Satan.
    "I'm so grateful that the Highground is doing this. I'm just overwhelmed with gladness and joy that finally the dogs are getting the recognition that they much deserved," said Voorhees.

    Dogs have been used by the U.S. military for more than a century. Around 5,000 dogs served in Vietnam as guard dogs or scouts like Satan. When soldiers finished their tours, another handler was assigned to dogs already in Vietnam. After the war ended and troops returned home, the dogs were deemed excess equipment and left behind - many were euthanized, some were given to the Vietnamese army and some were left to fend for themselves.
    Vietnam military dog handlers were understandably upset about that and urged Congress to change the rules and bring dogs back to America once their service in a war zone is over. In 1992, President Bill Clinton signed legislation that now ensures all military dogs are treated like true veterans.

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    There's a joke in there about what happened to the ones left behind in Viet Nam, but I'm afraid it would be in poor taste.
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