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Thread: Greg Abbott Signals Support for Two Gun Control Measures

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    Greg Abbott Signals Support for Two Gun Control Measures

    Texas Gov. Greg Abbott said Wednesday that he could support some gun control measures. The move is something of a change of heart for Abbott, a Republican who has worked to expand gun rights in Texas.
    Earlier this year, Abbott had backed President Donald Trump's proposal to arm more teachers in lieu of sweeping gun control measures, saying that almost 20 percent of Texas schools already have trained and armed educators.
    “When a shooting takes place, people want to rush to simple solutions,” Abbott said in February, after a mass shooting at a Florida high school that killed 17. “It’s time to tackle the tough solutions, and that’s mental health.”
    On Wednesday, Abbott said he could back stronger regulations for gun storage and quicker reporting to law enforcement when a court has determined someone is mentally ill -- in order to keep that person from having weapons.

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    So... "conservatives" falling for the gun control mantra when a shooting happens will probably never be exploited by the gun grabbers... would it?
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