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Thread: De Blasio promises 'overhaul' of marijuana enforcement in NYC

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    De Blasio promises 'overhaul' of marijuana enforcement in NYC

    New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) announced Tuesday that the New York Police Department plans to "overhaul" its policies on marijuana enforcement in the coming weeks as part of an effort to limit arrests.
    "The NYPD will overhaul and reform its policies related to marijuana enforcement in the next 30 days," de Blasio said during a speech at a Center for American Progress policy conference in Washington, D.C.
    “We must and we will end unnecessary arrests and end disparity in enforcement,” he added.
    I'm announcing today that the NYPD will overhaul its marijuana enforcement policies in the next 30 days. We must end unnecessary arrests and end disparity in enforcement.
    — Bill de Blasio (@NYCMayor) May 15, 2018
    De Blasio did not provide specifics Tuesday about how marijuana enforcement would change, though his comments marked a departure from his past defense of marijuana arrest tactics used during his administration, The New York Times noted.
    In the past, de Blasio has deferred to the state’s marijuana laws, which prohibit its use, while saying that he did not support legalizing the drug.
    New York City's police commissioner, James O’Neill, had hinted Monday that he was concerned about the number of people arrested on marijuana charges who had no previous criminal record, the Times reported.
    O’Neill noted that 36 percent of people arrested on marijuana charges in 2017 had no previous criminal record.
    The mayor’s comments Tuesday come as district attorneys in Brooklyn and Manhattan work to stop prosecuting most people arrests on marijuana charges, according to the newspaper.

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    Meanwhile in California..

    18 Arrested in Panga Pot-Smuggling Bust

    Santa Barbara City Cops Chase Away Canna-bus

    Owner of Mobile Dispensary Claims Ignorance

    Thursday, May 10, 2018

    By Blanca Garcia (Contact)

    The Santa Barbara Police Department received a number of calls from concerned citizens Saturday, May 5, reporting a marijuana food truck on De la Vina Street. Self-described as a mobile medical marijuana dispensary, Day 1 Dynamics (D1D) offers everything from pre-rolled joints to gummies and cannabidiol (CBD) oil, all at competitive prices. D1D, affectionately known as BudBus, also offers services for a number of occasions, including barbecues, weddings, and music festivals. At least they used to, before being reported to the authorities.

    The owner and driver of D1D appears to be Jeffrey Young, no affiliation with attorney Jeffrey Young. Young’s aim, as advertised online, was to “move product.” His first Instagram post as D1D dates back to November 2017 and his most recent to May 5, 2018, the day his bus was reported to city police.

    When contacted and questioned by authorities, Young claimed ignorance of law. In the City of Santa Barbara, cannabis merchants must hold a local license and also be registered with the State Bureau of Cannabis Control. The D1D driver had neither.

    SBPD has yet to decide what its course of action will be but lists two options: either a criminal or an administrative violation. Anthony Wagner, public engagement officer with SBPD, expressed serious doubt about Young’s claim to ignorance of law considering the investments made in the vehicle and supplies he had with him. “This is the black market,” stated Wagner. “This is what the black market looks like.” Young did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

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    Now that's a hell of an idea, if one can finagle it within the legal framework of the jurisdiction. Park your Budbus along side any food truck rally...
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    De Blasio promises 'overhaul' of marijuana enforcement in NYC
    talk is cheap.

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