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Thread: Free to use Ron Paul images for web?

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    Free to use Ron Paul images for web?

    I'm looking for a couple of free-to-use images of Dr. Paul (Like a BOSS) to use on a new fairly simple fan website for RonPaulCoin. I don't want to take the chances of using any copyrighted ones from google images, and I've searched Shutterstock but most/all of those seem to be for editorial use only. I'm actually just looking for one decent pic to use as a background image but having options to choose from would be very nice.

    Thank You

    Edit: My apologies I should have posted this in the Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies forum
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    Thank You I e-mailed him right after I posted before you responded and didn't know he was a member on here. He has so many really sharp photos of RP and that's really awesome he's a member on here. Thanks again for the awesome recommendation and Thank You Gage for the permission


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