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Thread: NRA Convention Bans Guns To Protect Mike Pence

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    Angry NRA Convention Bans Guns To Protect Mike Pence

    Guns will be barred during Vice President Mike Pence’s appearance at an upcoming National Rifle Association convention to protect his safety

    Those attending the NRA Leadership Conference in Dallas are on notice that no firearms or “weapons of any kind,” or ammunition, will be allowed in the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center “prior to and during” Pence’s appearance on May 4. The NRA posted the restrictions ― a requirement of the Secret Service ― on a website announcing the conference.
    “There will be no storage for firearms,” the NRA says in the announcement. Knife Rights, a knife advocacy group, will provide “complimentary storage” for knives, the NRA adds.

    Online NRA announcement for upcoming convention in Dallas. (NRA screenshot)

    More at:
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    We believe in freedom and the 2nd Amendment... except when we don't.
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    "A politician will do almost anything to keep their job, even become a patriot" - Hearst

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    But the Police and CIA will be there so it's OK.

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    Charlton Heston at NRA convention: 'From my cold DEAD HANDS....'

    *gets tasered, has flintlock confiscated from shaking hands*
    Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
    It's a balance between appeasing his supporters, appeasing the deep state and reaching his own goals.
    ~Resident Badgiraffe

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    LOL. Bootlickers! Here's an idea. Just let Pence join your little conference via video conference. Problem solved. Oh but you want Pence to be there physically so he can show how pro gun he is.
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    This is the secret service . NRA would have known this when they invited him .

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    Suddenly liberals support gun rights, oppose gun bans, so they can assassinate the VP
    I just want objectivity on this forum and will point out flawed sources or points of view at my leisure.

    Quote Originally Posted by spudea on 04/20/16
    There won't be a contested convention
    Quote Originally Posted by spudea on 05/30/17
    The shooting of Gabrielle Gifford was blamed on putting a crosshair on a political map. I wonder what event we'll see justified with pictures like this.

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    Not. Really. Advocates.

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    I'm more interested in who will actually show up to this event.

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    Makes sense to me. There is a high value target in the building, they have their own security and in that case, they have no use for amateur gun users. Its really that simple folks.
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    I see lots of articles that say the NRA Bans Guns,,, but is sounds like it is an SS gun ban.
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