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Thread: The U.S. marijuana industry has a new spokesman: John Boehner

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    The U.S. marijuana industry has a new spokesman: John Boehner

    Ex-Speaker John Boehner Joins Marijuana Firm’s Advisory Board

    By Jennifer Kaplan
    April 11, 2018

    The U.S. marijuana industry has a new spokesman: John Boehner.

    The Republican former Speaker of the House has joined the advisory board of Acreage Holdings, a company that cultivates, processes and dispenses cannabis in 11 U.S. states. Boehner’s endorsement, after saying nine years ago he was “unalterably opposed” to legalization, could be considered a watershed event: Marijuana has gone mainstream.

    “Over the last 10 or 15 years, the American people’s attitudes have changed dramatically,” he said in an interview. “I find myself in that same position.”

    Sixty-four percent of Americans, including a majority of both Republicans and Democrats, want to legalize it, according to an October Gallup survey. That’s the most since the pollster began asking the question in 1969, when 12 percent of the population favored legalization.

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    Such a wh*re.
    * Enforce Border Security – America should be guarding her own borders and enforcing her own laws instead of policing the world and implementing UN mandates.

    * No Amnesty - The Obama Administration’s endorsement of so-called “Comprehensive Immigration Reform,” granting amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants, will only encourage more law-breaking.

    * Abolish the Welfare State – Taxpayers cannot continue to pay the high costs to sustain this powerful incentive for illegal immigration. As Milton Friedman famously said, you can’t have open borders and a welfare state.

    * End Birthright Citizenship – As long as illegal immigrants know their children born here will be granted U.S. citizenship, we’ll never be able to control our immigration problem.

    Reprinted from [Nov. 29, 2011]

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    Yeah, but he wouldn't pass it when he ran things. What an a-hole.
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    "A politician will do almost anything to keep their job, even become a patriot" - Hearst

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    why I should worship the state (who apparently is the only party that can possess guns without question).
    The state's only purpose is to kill and control. Why do you worship it? - Sola_Fide

    Baptiste said.
    At which point will Americans realize that creating an unaccountable institution that is able to pass its liability on to tax-payers is immoral and attracts sociopaths?

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    This doesn't ping my special-interest cronyism sonar. Not at all ...

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    It's a good sign for the end of at least part of the War on Drugs though, if such an big-time insider is signing onto it.

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    I wonder if he'll break down and cry on a tv commercial.
    "The Patriarch"

    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post

    Not going to happen.
    Quote Originally Posted by Schifference View Post
    The man did not think clearly. It was almost as if he had brain cancer of something.
    Quote Originally Posted by oyarde View Post
    I missed out on the dick pills , they any good ?

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    Boner's comeback attempt... maybe he actually tried some.

    Don't need a weather man to know which way the wind blows

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    If the shoe fits..

    I dislike hypocrisy even when it's in my favor.
    Liberty is lost through complacency and a subservient mindset. When we accept or even welcome automobile checkpoints, random searches, mandatory identification cards, and paramilitary police in our streets, we have lost a vital part of our American heritage. America was born of protest, revolution, and mistrust of government. Subservient societies neither maintain nor deserve freedom for long.
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    Let me be the first to say it: The Libertarian Party has their next Presidential candidate.
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    "Totally free immigration? I've never taken that position. I believe in national sovereignty." - Ron Paul
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brian4Liberty View Post
    Let me be the first to say it: The Libertarian Party has their next Presidential candidate.
    You must spread some reputation around.........
    Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.

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    Those who learn from the past are condemned to watch everybody else repeat it

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    He discovered that a couple of doobies could turn off the waterworks. Medical maryjane.

    DACA S**thole Dreamers - Make America Great Again?

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