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Thread: Trump: 'Just Kidding. We're Staying In Syria.'

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    Trump: 'Just Kidding. We're Staying In Syria.'

    Trump: 'Just Kidding. We're Staying In Syria.'

    That didn't take long. No sooner did President Trump vow to remove US troops from Syria, when after a meeting with Defense Secretary Mattis and other advisors resulted in another flip-flop. Like with the recent omnibus budget, he complained but went along with it. Will he pull out in six months as he more recently promised? Don't hold your breath!
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    Will he pull out... Don't hold your breath!
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    It's a balance between appeasing his supporters, appeasing the deep state and reaching his own goals.
    ~Resident Badgiraffe

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    Don't worry guys. Trump is going to keep his promise on this. Even if he ends up doing it in the last year of his second term.

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    It's good to know the Commander in Chief really, really wants to pull out of Syria but the meanies under his command won't let him. A+ for good intentions. We just need to be patient, I'm sure Mr. Alpha Male will grow a pair eventually.
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    Not going to happen.
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    The man did not think clearly. It was almost as if he had brain cancer of something.
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    I missed out on the dick pills , they any good ?

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    US Isn’t Leaving Syria—But Media Lost It When Possibility Was Raised

    At a rally in Cleveland last week, President Donald Trump said that the US will get out of Syria “very soon.” It is now clear that the 4,000 US troops currently occupying Syria will in fact stay in Syria even though keeping troops in another country in defiance of that country’s government is a violation of international law. Yet the very possibility of US withdrawal from Syria rendered "journalists" apoplectic ...—international law be damned.
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