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Thread: Ukraine Gets Official NATO Status

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    Default Ukraine Gets Official NATO Status

    NATO has granted Ukraine the status of an aspirant country. Macedonia, Georgia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina have similar status. This means Kiev has been offered a real chance to make its dreams come true. The next step will be obtaining its Membership Action Plan (MAP), a set of criteria to meet before the country is allowed to join. It is tailored to each applicant country's individual profile. This type of plan can be granted at any time; there is no need to wait for summits or ministry-level meetings. Macedonia and Bosnia-Herzegovina are aspirants with a MAP.

    This is all part of a broader picture. On March 2, Ukraine, Moldova, and Georgia announced the formation of an alliance to counter Russia. Chisinau is to cozy up as close to NATO as it can. The Moldovan government has announced its decision to buy lethal weapons from countries in that alliance. The US Navy operates a facility at the Bulboaca training base.
    The calls for Georgia’s membership are getting louder in the US. Tbilisi’s NATO bid has been openly supported by the Trump administration. It has been reported recently that Georgia is to adopt a fast-track approach that will expedite its entrance into NATO. This policy has been recommended by the Heritage Foundation think tank. Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg, has said that nothing stands in the way of Georgia joining the bloc.
    This move is clearly intended to provoke Russia. Official status in the alliance is one step on the way to membership. If the policy goal is expansion at any cost, then that’s a step in the right direction. But will it benefit NATO? Make it stronger? Hardly.
    Let’s take a look at the facts. Ukraine’s economy is in a funk. It depends on the West for help. Kiev already spends much more than the 2% of GDP required for defense allocations, in accordance with the recently approved NATO standard. The West will have to help Ukrainian taxpayers shoulder the burden. Besides anti-tank systems, Ukraine’s military lacks much of the weaponry and equipment a modern force is supposed to have in its inventory. As a result, its soldiers do not have the needed skills to operate these sophisticated, up-to-date systems. Training Ukrainian servicemen is a massive, onerous project.
    Kiev wants to be in full compliance with NATO standards by 2020. It’s hard to believe it will be able to meet this deadline. Ukrainian analysts claim that the progress that was reported as part of the transformation of its military is nothing but a myth. Natan Chazin, a former advisor to the chief of the general staff of Ukraine’s armed forces, believes the military reform has gone nowhere. Washington and its NATO allies now find themselves between a rock and a hard place. Last month, the New York Times published an extensive article on corruption in the ranks of Ukraine’s military.
    And it’s not just the armed forces. According to the Brookings Institute, the reforms in Ukraine have foundered. The IMF has suspended its aid because corruption continues to plague the country. Ukraine’s ruling circles of Western support. There are a multitude of reasons why its Western partners are frustrated by the way that country is being run.
    The Atlantic Council emphasizes the fact that Ukrainian politicians are embracing extremist rhetoric. The country’s commitment to democracy is being questioned because too many oligarchs hold too much power. All told, is Ukraine worth the effort? Isn’t it likely to become a drain? It very much appears that it will.
    Nor will Georgia or Moldova do anything to make NATO more powerful and efficient.

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    U.S. ready to confront Russia in Crimea, Donbas, supporting territorial integrity of Ukraine – U.S. Senator Robert Portman

    Ukrainian border service plans to detain all ships traveling to and out of Crimea

    (ha. good luck w/ that)

    KIEV, April 4. /TASS/. Ukraine will detain all the ships traveling to and out of Crimea without Kiev’s consent,
    Ukrainian Border Service Spokesman Oleg Slobodyan said on Wednesday, commenting on the detention of Russia’s Nord vessel, assigned to the port of Kerch.

    "Ukraine’s position is unequivocal, it considers Crimea to be an occupied part of its territory so law enforcement agencies
    will promptly respond to violations committed by those traveling in and out of Crimea," Slobodyan said.

    He stressed that Ukraine’s capabilities "are enough to respond to the current threats."

    "Kiev Regime Crosses the Red Line": How #Russia Will Protect Its Civilian Fleet Against #Ukraine's Attacks


    Lavrov says Kiev’s sponsors in US, Europe collude with warmongers


    UKRAINE: The Anti-Terrorist Operation in Donbas will end in May, President Petro Poroshenko told a press conference in Vinnytsia.
    The operation will now gain a military format, transferred under the leadership of the Joint Forces.

    Poroshenko announces United Forces Operation in Donbass

    (Poroshenko announces United Forces Operation to take #Donbass with military means.
    If it wasn't already clear that Kiev regime never intended to implement the Minsk agreements.)


    Ukrainian defense minister: Russia masses over 77,000 troops on border with Ukraine

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