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Thread: Radical Democrats Propose Crazy Minnesota Assault Weapons Ban

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    Radical Democrats Propose Crazy Minnesota Assault Weapons Ban

    U.S.A.-( Since the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, states across the nation seem to have gone crazy with new gun law proposals. Minnesota is one is these states introducing new far-reaching gun laws. In fact, their new bill goes farther than any current measure in the country.

    The proposed legislation is by Representative Linda Slocum of the Minnesota Democratic–Labor–Farmer Party (DLF). A merger of the Minnesota Democratic Party and the Farmer-Labor Party formed the DLF in 1944. The DLF Party is affiliated nationally with the Democratic Party.

    Rep. Slocum's new bill (HF 3022) would enact very far-reaching laws. It would expand the definition of an “assault weapon” to match almost word for word that of The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 (H.R.5087) right down to the make and model of guns. The Assault Weapons Ban of 2018 is currently in the US House Of Representatives. The bill will ban most semi-automatic rifles, pistols, and shotguns. H.R.5087 will most likely die in committee.

    Representative Linda Slocum of MinnesotaAccording to Rep. Slocum, she has been working on the legislation since September of 2017, but Rep. David Cicilline (D-R.I), who proposed the national law, said that he wrote the bill in response to the Florida school shooting.

    It could be that they received the list of firearms from the same source or she is a liar?
    Another thing that the far-reaching anti-gun bill would do is make it illegal to shoot any grandfathered firearm outside a federally registered shooting range, or on private property that is owned by the shooter. It would be unlawful for someone to shoot on a friend's or family member's property even if they have their permission.

    “Do they need that kind of a weapon to hunt? I’m not that well-versed on hunting,” Slocum said when asked about how this would affect hunting with grandfathered firearms. “I don’t hunt, none of my family hunts.”

    Owners must register all grandfather guns with the state. These firearms would not be transferable. The owners could not sell or transfer the firearms even by going through an FFL or shipping them out of state. The only way the owners of the guns would be able to get rid of them would be to turn them over to the state for destruction. There is not an exception for firearms to be passed down through inheritance.

    The law would also ban all private sales or transfers of non-prohibited firearms. The current owner of the guns must transfer them through an FFL. There would also be a two day waiting period for these transfers. The local counties would also be responsible for keeping records of all firearms transfers essentially creating dozens of gun registrys.

    The bill would make the possession of silencers, bump stocks, and any magazines that hold more than ten rounds a felony. There is not a grandfather clause on the ownership of any of these devices. They must be turned over to the state without exception for destruction.

    The bill would also ban the private sale of ammunition. Anyone purchasing ammunition must buy it through a licensed dealer. The dealer would be required to hold records of all transactions for three years.

    The final provision of the bill would add anyone who owes child support to be placed on the prohibited person's list for owning a firearm. Slocum is open to dropping this provision to the law. She is not flexible on changing any other regulation on the rest of the proposed rule.

    “I think anyone that wants to buy a gun should be physically present at an active-shooter drill in a school,” Slocum told the Pioneer Press.”They all do them. You see these little kids doing an active-shooter drill, OK, and it’s paralyzing.”

    The bill has an uphill battle in the Minnesota House Of Representatives, but it does highlight the siege that the Second Amendment is facing after the shooting in Flordia. As gun owners, we must fight off these attacks. The anti-gun crowd will likely be proposing more of these oppressive laws in the future.
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    In a world gone mad, no outrage can be validly assumed as beyond the pale of plausibility.

    We get what we tolerate and we deserve what we get precisely because we tolerate it.

    Our words make us the ghosts that we are.

    Convincing the world he didn't exist was the Devil's second greatest trick; the first was convincing us that God didn't exist.

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    @oyarde, you have any connections here? Some scalping needs to be done. ASAP!
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    "In 2018 she introduced HF 3022, a very restrictive and controversial anti gun legislation. The proposed legislation would require that firearm owners' homes be searched annually by law enforcement. It also mandates that anyone behind on child support payments would be required to forfeit their guns."
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    Quote Originally Posted by Danke View Post
    @oyarde, you have any connections here? Some scalping needs to done. ASAP!
    Ya , that $#@! is out of control . The law is simple . Shall not be infringed . She looks kinda bloated not to be doing any hunting , what is she shoveling , Mac n Cheese ? That $#@! is not good for you . Here we have no transfer on any private sales . That is how I buy most that way there is no governmental record .

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    Assault weapon?

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    some Democrats can be slightly or very greatly radical.
    radical and polite Republicans are often libertarians, today.
    in 1868 2/3rds of the U.S Senate became Radical Republican.
    we are so very close to a most political trial, the one that
    has a slew of cardboard boxes that look so innocent...

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