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    Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to "socapalism", the comparatively recent twist on slavery and servitude gussied up to make the serfs think they are something better than base chattel. It's what we may call an "enlightened" form of socialism - one where the tyrants allow the dregs to keep just enough of their honestly earned fruits to keep them quiet. Some of the proles even become wealthy enough to gain them entry into the ruling class, their gilt cages being expansive, abundantly radiating an illusion of freedom that doesn't actually exist.

    The funny bit in this is that it's not a new idea. America is a socapalist state and has been for over a century in ever growing degree, at least until recent years where those who presume to lord over the people appear to have lost Theire way, now hammering on the vast middle class as if to reduce it to ash.

    The up and coming socapalist state, of course, is China. The question there is whether Theye will keep their wits about them and not make the error they have made with America. Only time will tell

    Europe is sort of socapalist, but the Europeans are so utterly defeated a race that Theye have no longer have a need to treat them with any great consideration. After all, the Euros have eagerly allowed for their own disarmament and can do little against their respective governments beyond harsh words, grimacing, and maybe spitting a little.
    As socapalism grows in China, so it wanes in America, devolving into a tyranny whose mask grows thinner and more transparent by the year. The only saving grace in that land is the fact that the people hold more arms than the rest of the world put together, and by a significant margin. Now if only they would cut the crap with internal division and get to the proper work of hanging from Theire necks those who so richly deserve it.

    The election of Donald Trump, however, appears to constitute a fly in the political ointment that has been driving America toward that precipice that drops straight downward into the abyss of unvarnished servitude. It shall be interesting to see how things pan out with this president.
    The primary features of socapalism is the thin illusion of a free state where economic opportunity is sufficiently abundant to lure people into thinking they are actually free and in command of their own destinies. Not could be farther from the truth, of course. Socapalism is a penultimate stick-and-carrot act, the carrot being those opportunities to earn large fortunes through diligent and smart effort. The stick, of course, is the state which issues all manner of fiat with the strong expectation of full and unquestioning compliance. Make all the money you can while abiding by our rules, but do not dare transgress against the "State", for ye shalt be swatted flat as a fly on a windshield.

    Socapalism is a system of deceptively draconian tyranny. It is the practical realization of Huxley's "Brave New World" on the candy-coated surface with the rotten heart of 1984 just beneath the paper-thin façade. It is precisely this stick-and-carrot architecture that renders it so effective, for it plays on every human weakness, demanding nothing of virtue in the individual, but only that his most base attributes come to bloom just to the point of his unswerving obedience, beyond which he will taste the cruel and brutish lash of the Whipmaster.

    It is a very well considered scheme and it would have served Themme very well in America for a long time, perhaps even perpetually, which is why I cannot quite understand why Theye seem to be abandoning it in favor of ever more thinly veiled forms of tyranny in what appears to be a quantum shift in the direction of a "you in a heap'a trouble, boy" system of open brutality. It makes no sense to me and leaves me questioning whether Theye have been a little too busily preoccupied with in-breeding.

    So there you have it, socapalism in a nutshell.

    Until next time, please accept my best wishes.

    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    "It’s just interesting to note how constant government oppression can kill people’s fighting spirit." - Withur We

    Pray for reset.

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    There should be a Doom & Gloom section where posts like this one could be moved.

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