The best point of the whole video is disowning people either liberal or conservative is the worst thing we can do.

Im usually shunned by clueless people that have not taken a side and are mostly disinterested in anything political. Most of them havent embraced MSM trash talk or extremist points of view. I want to think there is hope that these people may be aware as they do reject a lot of MSM hate mongering and divisiveness, but that hope is crushed when they start spouting off the message MSM says, like the economy is just fine, and The Great Recession of 2008 was a one time occurrence, or "I have nothing to hide". There is no meaningful conversations with most people I meet as it tends to regress back to them parroting propaganda and flat out are unable to entertain any idea that isnt spoon fed to them.

I really wish it were confined to only talking about political stuff, but its not. The lack of thinking permeates every aspect of their lives. For example, even something as simple as the use of a camera to record an event, I typically hear "thats the way I was taught to do it" or "thats what the book says to do", and they flat out dont even try to understand things at all. I see that mentality get them in trouble far too frequently as a result of their attitude. "Why isnt it working?" is never a question they seriously ask. "Uh oh, its not working, better get a technician or call tech support" to fix it. And thats for the most basic of things, such as a device not working because it is not plugged in. Ive seen a guy want to call the Water Company because they had a kink in their garden hose and water wasnt coming out. That particular individual I do believe had some serious brain damage due to using a lot of meth. That guy is not the typical moron, but the attitude itself is pervasive.

So what about all of you? Are you having any issues with friends or family or coworkers because of politics?