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Thread: New patriotic Swedish party wants full immigration stop and active return policy

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    New patriotic Swedish party wants full immigration stop and active return policy

    Gustav Kasselstrand, the former chair of the Sweden Democratic Youth organization, has formed a new political party called “Alternative for Sweden” (AfS). The formation of the party is in time for Sweden’s general elections that will take place on September 9, Expressen reports.
    According to Swedish news outlet FriaTider, Kasselstrand called his new movement for Sweden’s first ‘remigration’ party and added that they want an “immediate stop” of asylum seekers followed by an active returning of immigrants to where they came from.
    Kasselstrand said that immigrants who have committed crimes, cheated the system or do not contribute to the Swedish society have “no place” here and noted that they “should not be integrated — they should go back to their home countries.”

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    Sweden's Nationalists Said They Had Nazi Ties. Now They Have A New Party.

    A new party that formally launched in Stockholm on Monday hopes to capture the anti-immigrant vote in Sweden, potentially sparking a civil war on the far right that could derail support for its largest nationalist party.

    Sweden’s elections in September will likely attract close attention from immigration opponents around the world. The number of immigrants Sweden accepted during the refugee crisis — 240,000 new arrivals to a country of just around 10 million between 2014 and 2015 — and Sweden’s progressive reputation has made it a favorite subject for right-wing media in the United States. That fervor broke into the mainstream media with the frenzy last spring began by President Donald Trump’s apparent allusion to a terrorist incident “last night in Sweden” that never occurred.

    Inside Sweden, the immigration backlash created an opening for the Sweden Democrats (SD), a party that originally began out of skinhead and neo-Nazi circles in the 1990s. But it has purged many members who were caught flirting with neo-Nazism or white nationalism in a deliberate effort to break into the mainstream. Polls last year put the Sweden Democrats in second place, though it has now slipped into third with 16% of Swedes supporting it in recent polls as the center-right Moderate Party has also begun campaigning against immigration.

    The new party’s name, Alternative for Sweden, echoes the German party Alternative für Deutschland. Last October, the AfD became the first far-right faction to enter Germany’s parliament since World War II. The leaders of Alternative for Sweden come from a faction ousted from the Sweden Democrats in 2015 after being accused of anti-Semitic comments and relationships with white nationalists. And the party’s launch is a sign that factions the Sweden Democrats are now shunning are organizing to stay players in nationalist politics.
    Kasselstrand was one of many kicked out in the SD’s 2015 purge, which also led the party to shut down its youth wing. Party leaders alleged Kasselstrand and other youth wing leaders had relationships with the white nationalist Nordic Youth, who had espoused anti-Semitic conspiracy theories and “expressed admiration for Adolf Hitler.”
    More at link.
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