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Thread: Latvia Plans to Culturally Cleanse Its Russian Minority

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    Latvia Plans to Culturally Cleanse Its Russian Minority

    Latvia unveiled a controversial legislative proposal that calls for phasing our education in minority languages within a few years’ time, and it’s almost exactly what Ukraine announced that it would begin doing late last year. Both countries have a complex domestic situation owing to their legacies of Imperial and Soviet migrations that saw large numbers of Russian speakers move to their present-day territories over the centuries, essentially making them indigenous inhabitants by this point.
    Latvia has an even larger Russian minority than Ukraine at approximately 40% of the population, though many of this demographic are regarded as “non-citizens” since they don’t fluently speak the local language and are therefore ineligible for citizenship per the country’s post-Soviet laws.
    Riga regards them as the descendants of “foreign occupiers”, while this community argues that they’ve legally moved to Latvia when it was part of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union, thus making their presence there as natural as if an American moved from Illinois to California, for example. The Latvian government doesn’t see the situation that way and is accused of violating the human rights of this minority because of its strict citizenship requirements, though the EU – which is known for being overly sensitive to these sorts of things – ignores the Russians’ plight for political reasons.

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    Smart phones exacerbate and amplify tribalism. (sigh)

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