In the world of social media, Facebook and Twitter are the twin Goliaths. They dominate the social media market. They also systematically censor posts and use manipulative tactics to influence the ways users think, interact with each other, and even vote in elections. But now, thanks to a love of free speech and the power of alt-tech, a new David has arrived on the scene to compete with those twin Goliaths. The new social media platform — ONEWAY — is prepared to become the platform for those who love free speech.
ONEWAY — which was launched in early January — is described as “The free speech and human friendly alternative to Google, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Imgur, and Patreon.” While that may seem like a large bill to fill, the site boasts nearly all of the features of those sites and more. The “features” that are present in those platforms but absent from ONEWAY are those that diminish privacy and free speech and aid in surveillance.
ONEWAY has succeeded in pulling together everything there is for a freedom-loving user to like about those platforms while leaving out all the rest. The end result is one-stop social media enjoyment without the creepy surveillance and social manipulation practiced by the people operating those sites.

In an exclusive interview with The New American, Derek Peterson, founder and CEO of ONEWAY, shared some things that set ONEWAY apart and explained his reasons for creating the social media platform and taking on those platforms that routinely harvest data, censor posts, and manipulate users.
Perhaps one of the biggest things that ONEWAY does differently from other social media sites is the lack of algorithms that decide for users what they do and do not see on the site. Peterson explained, “We show all the content on the website — one hundred percent.” So everything posted by anyone a user is following will show in their feed. This prevents the standard social manipulation that is par for the course with other social media platforms.
“You have a lot of power and controls to filter your feed," he said, "because it’s a lot of content when you see every single post from every single person you’re following.” You can filter your feed by topic, user, or words. So if you never want to see videos of cute kittens wrestling on the dining room table, you just select to block the “Cute and awww” category. If there is a user you want to continue following, but want to take a break from, you can mute him for now and then unmute him later. If certain words bother you (this is, after all, a free speech platform and that means no censorship), you can block any post containing those words.
The point, though, is that you decide what is in your feed; ONEWAY does not decide that for you.

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