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Thread: FL: FHP Officer Caught Doing Highway Pull With Lambo

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    Angry FL: FHP Officer Caught Doing Highway Pull With Lambo

    You or I would be locked up, car impounded, no pass go, possibly shot. Typical copsuckers in the comments, but there are more anti than I expected, which is progress. Wonder how many FRNs he has gathered for his employer from people doing the exact same thing? Don't worry, they are investigating themselves! Seems pretty clear to me, but if they can kill someone in cold blood on video and get away with it...

    This may not be a rights violation, but you should feel violated if you have ever received a speeding ticket.

    Video showing what clearly appears to be a Florida Highway Patrolman in a Highway Patrol Dodge Charger lining up alongside a Lamborghini Aventador and racing down the road is now under investigation.
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    That Lambo walked away.

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    The Officer needs to have a spike strip thrown in front of his car while he's doing 120MPH, for officer safety.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Federalist View Post
    That Lambo walked away.
    PLease tell me the cop knew he didn't stand a prayer....
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    Quote Originally Posted by angelatc View Post
    PLease tell me the cop knew he didn't stand a prayer....
    Does now..
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