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Thread: Is Rand a true libertarian?

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    Your son Senator Rand Paul he held up The passage of the budget forced a shutdown albeit briefly, Why does he always seem to be saying no?

    Ron Paul:
    hehe I have never heard him say no they used to tell me I'm saying no what we say and what Rand I believe was saying is yes to sanity, yes to a good budget, say yes to your promises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Krugminator2 View Post
    I was being sarcastic and mocking. The original poster doesn't care about drug legalization. They care about marijuana legalization. Marijuana is the least important drug to legalize and the people who make that a pet issue do it almost exclusively for lifestyle reasons. There is a reason you never hear cocaine or crystal meth legalization singled out. How many times in 2008 or 2012 did Ron Paul bring up marijuana legalization in speeches? Lifestyle libertarianism is something Ron Paul actively shunned.

    Drug legalization is near the top of the things I care about. I have never once framed it in terms of marijuana legalization. For example, from a thread on Roy Moore that had no mention of the drug war.
    Actually marijuana is very important as the only reason it is illegal is to make hemp illegal. Hemp is stronger than steel or plastic & can also produce fuel- and is good for the environment. Can't have that competing with the Big Cronies, can we?
    There is no spoon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ender View Post
    Actually marijuana is very important as the only reason it is illegal is to make hemp illegal. Hemp is stronger than steel or plastic & can also produce fuel- and is good for the environment. Can't have that competing with the Big Cronies, can we?
    That and opioid, and I suspect probably even tobacco and alcohol use goes down in places where Marijuana is legal. You can tell by which industries oppose legalization. An online shill on reddit in 2011 who was spreading fake news and disinformation against Ron Paul admitted to me in a PM that he worked for paper/lumber industry and didn't want Ron Paul to legalize hemp/marinuana. The pathway to legalization seems to be medical first because politically it's easier to accomplish and then once medical is legal people realize it's not poison so they accept full legalization. They will take away gun rights the same way in pieces

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    No no no...

    The real question is whether or not Ron Paul is a true fan of chocolate chip cookies. I mean, he TOLD us that was his guilty pleasure but we've yet to see him actually going in on the chewy treat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by revgen View Post
    He's a Libertarian who pretends to be a Republican. Just like Amash and Massie. 3rd party and Independent candidates have virtually no shot of winning national contests. So co-opting the Republican label is their way of being to serve in Washington. Rand sometimes peforms lip-service for the Republican party by endorsing certain candidates (Trump, McConnell, etc) but lip-service is pretty much all it is.
    I agree. I remember arguing with Trump supporters about something similar before the election. Trump supporters were arguing that Trump was more libertarian than Gary Johnson and I said that Johnson was pretending to be less libertarian and Trump was pretending to be more libertarian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kona View Post
    I ask because he has some more traditional/establishment views than his dad, and calls himself a libertarian-republican. He is not exactly a pro-weed advocate.

    But I wonder if he is doing all of this for the long game and if he ever gets in power, libertarian-land here we come...
    Years ago when first running Rand Paul clearly stated he was NOT a libertarian.

    His success so far has the GOP establishment fighting back. In his ads, Grayson is attempting to paint Paul as a kook whose beliefs are outside the mainstream. Which may explain why on several issues, Paul is edging toward the center: Pure libertarians, he says, believe the market should dictate policy on nearly everything from the environment to health care. Paul has lately said he would not leave abortion to the states, he doesn't believe in legalizing drugs like marijuana and cocaine, he'd support federal drug laws, he'd vote to support Kentucky's coal interests and he'd be tough on national security.

    "They thought all along that they could call me a libertarian and hang that label around my neck like an albatross, but I'm not a libertarian," Paul says
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