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Thread: AfD Now The Second Most Popular Party In Germany

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    AfD Now The Second Most Popular Party In Germany

    In a historic first, a poll published on Monday by German newspaper Bild put the anti-immigrant, Alternative for Germany (AfD) party at 16%, showing that they are currently the second most popular political organization in Germany and more popular than Germany's Social Democrats (SPD), Merkel's "Grand Coalition" allies. The poll, conducted by INSA put the AfD on 16%, just ahead of the SPD on 15.5%.

    The poll marks the lowest support ever achieved by the SPD, traditionally one of the two major parties of German politics.
    According to the poll Angela Merkelís Christian Democrats are the most popular party in the country and would secure 32 percent of the vote were elections to be held tomorrow.

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    Breaking Ranks?

    Bruno Kahl, The Director of Germany's Federal Intelligence Service / Der Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND):

    ''The Federal German State must meet with President Assad of Syria immediately to discuss the threat of Sunni Islamist terrorism.
    We are looking for ways to arrange this.''

    ''The German Political parties of CDU/SDP/FDP/AfD are ALL in favor, only The Greens are sceptical''

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