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Thread: Study (limited data so far) suggests Ibuprofen can damage menís endocrine system

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    Default Study (limited data so far) suggests Ibuprofen can damage menís endocrine system

    Just for you, Donnay since you were just talking about this.

    Ibuprofen can damage menís endocrine system
    Scientists saw a hormone imbalance in 14 young men who took ibuprofen for two weeks similar to that of a 70-year-old.

    Ibuprofen can reduce the production of testosterone in men, shows new research.

    Taking the painkiller daily for just two weeks resulted in a hormone imbalance among young male participants that more closely resembled that of older men whose testes produce less testosterone, say the scientists behind the study.

    ďItís worrying because itís important that menís testosterone levels are stable. Otherwise, it can lead to problems with, for example, muscle development, mood, and potency,Ē says David MÝbjerg Kristensen, a senior researcher at the Danish Headache Center at Rigshospitalet and co-author of the new study,which is published in the scientific journal PNAS.

    Kristensen and colleagues conducted both a randomised control trial and laboratory experiments, which showed that ibuprofen can reduce the testesí ability to create testosterone.

    In the randomised trial, 31 men between the age of 18 and 35 were split into two groups. One was given 600 milligrams of ibuprofen every day for 44 days. The other group received a placebo.

    Throughout the trial, scientists measured the content of luteinizing hormone (lutropin) in the participantsí blood samples.

    Lutropin indicates how much testosterone is produced by the testes, says Kristensen.

    When less testosterone is produced, the brain tries to compensate by emitting large amounts of lutropin. This sends a message to the testes to produce more testosterone. So, elevated levels of lutropin in the blood indicates lower testosterone production.

    The 14 male trial participants who received ibuprofen all had elevated levels of lutropin after just two weeks.

    More at source:

    It's important to note that even the researchers acknowledge that their initial sample group of 31 people is too small to make any definitive conclusions, as well as previous research by the same group has found just the opposite of these findings with larger population sample groups. Nor is there any definitive evidence that any possible effects are permanent.

    However, Donnay's previous article prompted me to do some reading and further educate myself on some of the science relating to non-steroidal anti-inflammatory (NSAID) pharmaceuticals, and I came across this article. While I'm not going to throw my bottle of meloxicam in the garbage over this, I'm definitely going to follow any research going forward and keep myself aware.
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    Glad to see you are researching for yourself. +rep

    Ibuprofen alters human testicular physiology to produce a state of compensated hypogonadism

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    In my experience from when I was a nurse in the nursing home, doctors and nurse practitioners didn't like people on Ibuprofen. They would prescribe it for acute swelling or pain but did not use it for chronic pain. I knew a person that begged for it and said it was the only thing that worked on her arthritis but they put her on opioid instead.

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