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Thread: Get yer Mug on yer Mug- Maker Prints Pictures on your Coffee

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    Default Get yer Mug on yer Mug- Maker Prints Pictures on your Coffee

    This crazy new coffee maker prints pictures on your lattes

    You know how people really like latte art? You probably know this if you have Instagram, but should you be in the dark, itís very popular. Basically a barista will take the freshly steamed milk and swirl it in its vessel, then it is poured over the espresso. With a series of hand movements, the in-motion milk forms a pattern on top of the coffee, usually a leaf or a heart. Itís a mastered skill, and it is by no means easy. Until now.

    Ripples has created a coffee maker that does it for you. Basically, the maker connects to an app, and just by choosing an image on your phone (your latest duck-face selfie, for instance), the machine gets to work. The company says it uses ďpatented printing technology,Ē but thatís about it. It doesnít really explain how it does it, just that it does.


    The materials used? Just coffee. The art you eventually see before you is made from 100 per cent coffee. We think thatís pretty cool, but the machine is more useful to, say, a coffee shop. Thatís to say the price isnít right, unless youíre very wealthy.

    The Ripples coffee maker starts at $1,420 and monthly services plans are $125. It is currently only available in Canada and the United States. Too rich for our blood, yes, but we wouldnít mind giving this baby a whirl at our local. Fingers crossed!
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    I was expecting...

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    One more job that machines can do better, faster and more cheaply than meatbags.

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