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Thread: The NGOs Pushing A New Syria War. With Guest Vanessa Beeley - Ron Paul Liberty Report

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    The NGOs Pushing A New Syria War. With Guest Vanessa Beeley - Ron Paul Liberty Report
    (VIDEO - SPKOUT/BitChute is an alternative to YouTube)

    The NGOs Pushing A New Syria War. With Guest Vanessa Beeley
    Video Daniel McAdams and Vanessa Beeley Wednesday February 7, 2018
    There is a new push for US and allied intervention in Syria. There is a vast propaganda network of NGOs pushing cooked up documentaries and providing "expert" witnesses all aimed to mobilize opinion in favor of a renewed war on the Syrian government. The White Helmets are a key part of this propaganda campaign. Syria expert Vanessa Beeley joins the Liberty Report to debunk their lies...

    EDIT: More info posted earlier by goldenequity - I forgot to search
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    "I think the propaganda machine is the biggest problem that we face today in trying to get the truth out to people."
    Ron Paul

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