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Thread: Jeanne Ives is running for Governor of Illinois

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    Jeanne Ives is running for Governor of Illinois

    Taxation is theft, and Illinois steals a lot from homeowners. Ives will return more of what has been stolen back to you if you're an Illinois resident. I've personally donated four figures to her campaign for liberty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Voluntarist View Post
    I know the state takes a lot in income taxes (and their cut of sales taxes), but I'm looking at my property tax bill and don't see anything going directly to the state. My big hitters are local school taxes, which together amount to almost 70% of my tax bill. Maybe it's state mandates on education that you're referring to?

    I pay my income taxes to Missouri, since I work across the border ... and honestly, I'd be getting a better tax rate if I were able to pay in Illinois (even after last year's tax rate increases).

    Mind you ... anything above 0% is too much.
    Well, candidate Ives has disavowed me and returned my donation, so perhaps she lacks the spine to stand up to the usurious thieves that are destroying the working class households of Illinois.

    I do like her latest campaign ad, however.

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