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Thread: Amash's Challenger

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    Amash's Challenger

    Matt Hall, a Michigan Republican State Committeeman from Grand Rapids who is a strong supporter of President Trump, is challenging Rep. Justin Amash in the August primary.

    Hall filed his campaign paperwork with the FEC earlier this year and is expected to officially announce his campaign in the coming weeks.

    Hall served as a Trump delegate to the RNC in Cleveland last year, and he was also a member of the Rules Committee, helping to end the "Never Trump" movement with a vote he led.

    Hall, who recently graduated from law school, also served as the 3rd Congressional District Chair for President Trump's 2016 Michigan campaign.

    According to MIRS:

    "Hall said he supported Amash in his 2014 primary race against Brian ELLIS, but now feels that with the congressman's attacks against President Donald TRUMP he has moved too far from the Republican Party.

    "I believe Justin Amash needs to be held accountable to the grassroots of the Michigan Republican Party," Hall said. "The guy is not in line with the Republican base and someone needs to hold him accountable . . . He claims to be a constitutional conservative. I intend to expose him as a fraud."

    Hall was a field director for former Secretary of State Terri Lynn LAND and a constituent relations liaison for Attorney General Bill SCHUETTE for four years before going to law school and externing at the Michigan Administrative Hearing system.

    "I support building a wall. I support the travel ban. I don't support bad trade deals. I oppose chain migration," said Hall, who said he plans on running for Congress "full time." "Someone has to hold this guy accountable for not being a Republican and not supporting President Trump's agenda."

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    Anybody know if this is going to be a serious threat?
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    Is this the first meeting of the secret society? We need an insurance plan.

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    Doesn't sound like it but then, what do I know. I still don't understand why people voted for Trump although, I guess I know, but this is why I propose you should either be able to vote in favor of someone, or against someone. Which would then take away a vote from their totals. Because in the last election cycle I think you might have ended up with either candidate winning, however with a negative vote count. Oh wait, I forgot about Gary Johnson... Not sure if that makes it a good or a bad idea, but heck, it sure is an interesting idea in my opinion.
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    Not serious. Will not win. No need to have this thread go further. The challenger in 2014 had a ton of backing and resources. This guy will have no financial backing. This would be like if I ran for Amash's seat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dannno View Post
    Anybody know if this is going to be a serious threat?
    A kid just out of law school and never had a real job ? Only a contender if he ran as a Dem in a Dem district . Then he could be the next Biden or Obama .

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    Here's his facebook.

    You'll notice Tom McMillin and Massie defending Amash on there.

    His campaign won't go anywhere--he won't raise any money.

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