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Thread: Turkey Vs. Syrian Kurds: Whose Side Are We On?

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    Turkey Vs. Syrian Kurds: Whose Side Are We On?

    Turkey Vs. Syrian Kurds: Whose Side Are We On?

    It looks very much like the US is in a proxy war with its NATO ally Turkey in Syria. The US is backing the Kurds, which are being attacked by Ankara. Both sides are using the same military base in Turkey. Does anyone have any idea what the US is doing in Syria?
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    I think arming the Kurds was done to give Turkey an excuse to invade and start a war with Syria and Iran.
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    Right now the U.S. and it's proxy the SDF (composed mostly of Kurdish forces) controls all area east of the Euphrates River as well as Manbij. Land-wise, this is about 1/3 of Syria.

    I think the U.S. will convince the Kurds in Afrin and Manbij to move east of the Euphrates. Then the Kurds will have their "Rojava" consisting of 1/3 of Syria. The U.S. will continue to keep military bases there as a foothold to fight Iran and control the Russian presence.

    The U.S. trained Free Syrian Army who are aligned with Erdogan (and in the past have also fought alongside al Qaeda's Syrian local affiliate) will take over Afrin and Manbij. Erdogan will then have proxy control of northern Syria from the Euphrates through Afrin.

    So Assad has lost all land east of the Euphrates to U.S. control. And Assad has lost control of northern Syria from Euphrates to Afrin to Turkish/NATO control.

    It's a land grab. As always.

    My understanding is that historically there were no Kurds in Syria. Assad's father let the Kurds come as refugees into Syria when Turkey was attacking them years ago. Assad and Russia have attempted to negotiate with the Kurds and would give them limited autonomy. That the Kurds refuse to work with Syria and Russia and, instead, choose to keep control of all Syrian land east of the Euphrates (1/3 of Syrian land) for their "Rojava" strikes me as ungrateful and greedy. And as such, I've lost respect for the Kurds.

    Since the Kurds are going along with the U.S., it appears that eventually Syria will be partitioned and land taken from the Syrian government. Just like Kosovo was taken from Serbia in the 1990s and today is filled with U.S. military bases, so will be eastern and northern Syria. And the corporate media has the audacity to scream about Russia in Crimea...
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