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Thread: J.R.R Tolkien Libertarian Creator Of Middle Earth

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    Quote Originally Posted by pcosmar View Post
    There were no democrats in the books.

    and Aragorn was a very reluctant King... Competent but not arrogant. He did not seek the position he was born to.

    You really should read the books themselves rather than reviews or half baked commentary..
    He was never reluctant, going through the books now. You mean in the movies he was? Right. Not the book. There was never a shadow of doubt at his purpose, or the purpose of his mother in taking him into hiding. He never chose exile, as they say in the movie. He was so certain of his right to rule he fights with broken Anduril, because he will not be parted from his birthright. I really do recommend the books, you should read them :P

    And yeah, he's what you'd probably call arrogant.

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    "Let it not be said that we did nothing." - Dr. Ron Paul. "Stand up for what you believe in, even if you are standing alone." - Sophie Magdalena Scholl
    "War is the health of the State." - Randolph Bourne "Freedom is the answer. ... Now, what's the question?" - Ernie Hancock.

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    it is anticlimatic to post about an upcoming movie about Tolkien.... i feel, but i am tempted to.

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