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Thread: Will Facial Recognition in China Lead To Total Surveillance?

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    Default Will Facial Recognition in China Lead To Total Surveillance?

    schwit1 shares a new Washington Post article about China's police and security state -- including the facial recognition cameras allow access to apartment buildings. "If I am carrying shopping bags in both hands, I just have to look ahead and the door swings open," one 40-year-old woman tells the Post. "And my 5-year-old daughter can just look up at the camera and get in. It's good for kids because they often lose their keys."

    But for the police, the cameras that replaced the residents' old entry cards serve quite a different purpose. Now they can see who's coming and going, and by combining artificial intelligence with a huge national bank of photos, the system in this pilot project should enable police to identify what one police report, shared with The Washington Post, called the "bad guys" who once might have slipped by... Banks, airports, hotels and even public toilets are all trying to verify people's identities by analyzing their faces. But the police and security state have been the most enthusiastic about embracing this new technology.

    The pilot in Chongqing forms one tiny part of an ambitious plan, known as "Xue Liang," which can be translated as "Sharp Eyes." The intent is to connect the security cameras that already scan roads, shopping malls and transport hubs with private cameras on compounds and buildings, and integrate them into one nationwide surveillance and data-sharing platform... At the back end, these efforts merge with a vast database of information on every citizen, a "Police Cloud" that aims to scoop up such data as criminal and medical records, travel bookings, online purchase and even social media comments -- and link it to everyone's identity card and face.
    Have you ever noticed that when politicians are selling the idea of surveillance, they are always extremely vague about who exactly the "bad guys" are? Yeah, thats because their bad guys are you and me.

    There may be a very big unexpected roadblock to Police Surveillance however. Advertising Surveillance. Then the cops can arrest you while you are being shown ads for hemorrhoid creams and lubricants. Lose, Lose. There is no choice they will ever offer you where you are just left alone.
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    "And my 5-year-old daughter can just look up at the camera and get in. It's good for kids because they often lose their keys."
    Allowing someone and something else to be responsible for responding to my careless actions is good for me and children, got it.

    Thanks Washington Post, you make finding excuses for becoming a surveillanced bitch so much easier! Lost keys, who doesn't hate that!?

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