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Thread: China's Attack On The Dollar: What Does It Mean?

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    China's Attack On The Dollar: What Does It Mean?

    China's Attack On The Dollar: What Does It Mean?

    China has been accumulating gold for years, and are now taking steps to tie it to yuan. Interest rates in the U.S. are rising, and the Chinese are not so eager to keep piling up on U.S. dollars and U.S. Treasury debt. Ron Paul discusses on The Liberty Report!
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    It may not be an attack per sé. Attacking the reason you have an economy beyond the stone age makes little sense, at least at this stage of the game so far as I am able to discern... which means nothing necessarily. Who knows what the inner circle members know WRT what is likely to come? Perhaps we are at the brink of some disaster and China seeks to protect itself as best it is able.

    OTOH, were the Chinese and Russians to gang up on the rest of the world's economy, they might just have the horsepower to pull it off. Kill the dollar and what does anyone thing the mean American would do, other than panic and bow to anyone promising them safety? The Europeans would be even worse. So long as the Chinese et al kept their words and maintained the integrity of the currency, they could have an iron grip on the global economy in virtual perpetuity.

    Doubtless, neither likes the fact that America holds that grip at the moment. But America has been an ass about it for a very long time, what with the poison of progressivism running in its tainted veins now for a good century. We have been spendthrift to a degree nobody would have likely accepted as even remotely possible, and yet here we are. I don't think it would be very difficult for a key economic player to drop the hammer on us. The problem is that when we go, the rest of the planet gets sucked into the vortex with us. I would imagine that great care in strategy and tactics is clearly called for in the eyes of the likes of a China. How to dislodge the American economic hegemony without plunging the entire world into chaos and the inevitable warfare that would ensue, this time on a truly global basis. Were that to happen; were China's economy to be greatly unsettled, even their iron fisted rule could very well face serious threat. I am sure the Chinese do not want that. After all, life's just starting to get god for them. But people are what they are and those in power always want more, even when to pursue it is foolhardy.

    Until we know, we can only speculate.

    Just be glad that we remain a very well-armed populace. Though it still seems impossible in the eyes of most, our arms may yet come to preserve us from heaven only knows what hellacious fate.

    The bastards in Congress have squandered the nation and we sat by and let them do it. Upon whom rests the greater shame?
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

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    Pray for reset.

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