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Thread: Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump is absolutely racist

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    Rep. Ted Lieu: Trump is absolutely racist

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    Ted Lieu is an extreme SJW clown. He should be in jail for his DNC spying connections and cover-up.
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    yep, everyone involved in Seth Rich's death, direct and indirectly are going to be implicated. . .

    part of the "shytehole episode" reason for manifesting in the media. . .
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    This "Trump is racist" narrative is being pushed widely in MSM since yesterday, one Morning Joe host Donney even went as far as to say "Trump is evil". Yet never heard media and same folks express any strong feelings when Obama was droning unarmed children of "$#@!hole" countries while shedding hypocritical tears elsewhere. Seems like these folks care more about verbal insults than killing/maiming of people of other races. In that , such hypocrisy in fact could be called somewhat "racist".

    Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele believes Trump is racist

    Following President Trump's derogatory comments about Haiti and African countries, former RNC Chairman and MSNBC contributor Michael Steele confirmed that he does believe the president is racist. Duration: 1:53

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