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Thread: UT Cops Hit Innocent Bystanders on Interstate While Shooting Full-Auto at Fleeing Car

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    UT Cops Hit Innocent Bystanders on Interstate While Shooting Full-Auto at Fleeing Car

    "Public safety."

    Released dash-cam footage shows officer-involved shootings on I-15 that hit bystanders

    by Morgan Saxton, KUTV

    Wednesday, January 10th 2018

    (KUTV) -- Police released dash-camera video Wednesday from an officer-involved shooting that occurred along Interstate 15 in late December 2017 that also injured citizens not involved in the chase.

    Arturo Ray Gallemore-Jimenez, the suspect in the officer-involved shooting, allegedly shot at Utah County officers on the night of Dec. 20. Police said Wednesday a stray bullet from an officer’s gun hit a passing car with six family members inside. Another bullet hit a bystander in the area.

    Utah County Sheriff Sgt. Spencer Cannon said the ordeal began at a Nephi, Utah, gas station, where the 37-year-old suspect had asked people for money, and apparently locked the keys in his truck. He's accused of firing his first shot into his own vehicle.

    Police were notified, and an attempt-to-locate call went out about the truck. They spotted Gallemore-Jimenez in Springville where he pulled over. The suspect then fired a gun at police three times before leading them on a slow-speed chase that lasted six miles.

    "Before (officers) can determine the psychological state of this individual, he initiates gunfire," said Sheriff Jim Tracy with the Utah County Sheriff's Department, who went on to say his officers shot more than 50 rounds.

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    More video:

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