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Thread: Donald Trump backs Rand Paul's proposal to redirect Pakistan foreign aid to infrastructurin US

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    Default Donald Trump backs Rand Paul's proposal to redirect Pakistan foreign aid to infrastructurin US

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    The money was budget in the Defense Authorization Bill. Trump does not want to cut military spending so if it doesn't go to Pakinstan it will go to the US military- not the domestic infrastructure.
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    Default Nice!

    Good to know Trump pays attention to what Rand has to say.

    How could anyone not support a bill that means money for infrastructure?

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    Good for the president. Time to finally start cutting foreign aid.
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    This is outstanding. Not as outstanding as it might otherwise have been, but it is a step in a better direction. Screw Pakistan, first of all - let India pound them into extinction for all I care. More importantly, screw foreign aid.

    If redirecting those funds back into America directly is the best we can get for now, I would call it good. Let that become de rigeur in terms of foreign policy, and then we can work on reductions in theft from the American people.

    One step at a time. Neither Rome nor quasi-communist America were built in a day. For those who'd whine and bitch about Trump not being pure enough, I say stuff that. This is so much better a result than that which could have been expected in even the most wildly optimistic case with Clinton, nobody should be complaining.
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    John McCain, George W Bush, would have never done this.

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    Cutting aid to Pakistan could be a bipartisan Senate issue in 2018 ?

    There are 34 seats up in 2018*, of which 26 are held by Democrats. That party will need to gain 2 seats to take control.

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