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Thread: GA: Man Shot to Death By Deputy Inside His Kitchen Over False 9-1-1 Call

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    GA: Man Shot to Death By Deputy Inside His Kitchen Over False 9-1-1 Call

    Another case of Dial 911 For Murder.

    A deputy banging on the kitchen window at three am -- and they're surprised someone comes into the kitchen holding a gun ?

    Attorney provides more details on fatal officer-involved shooting in Walker County

    Josh O'Bryant, reporter Jan 4, 2018 Updated 12 hrs ago ()

    The attorney for a woman whose father was shot and killed by a Walker County deputy says a 911 call that set the stage for the incident came from the woman's mother-in-law.

    In the early morning hours of New Year's Day, a woman called 911, saying that a female at a residence at 147 Meadowview Lane in Rossville was threatening to kill herself and her children, according to the GBI, which is investigating the fatal incident.

    Attorney Larry Stagg of Ringgold says the caller was the mother-in-law to Amy Gass. Amy was one of several family members inside the residence when three Walker County deputies arrived to check out the caller's story.

    The deputies knocked and announced their arrival, which prompted Amy's father, 65-year-old Mark Parkinson, to grab a gun and check out the commotion.

    The deputies spotted Parkinson in the kitchen, and one of the deputies, John Chandler, shot and killed him.

    According to Stagg, who is representing Amy in her divorce from estranged husband Steven Gass, the 911 call came from Dorothy Gass, Steven Gass' mother. The call was made from Higdon, Ala., where Dorothy lives, he said.

    According to one Chattanooga TV news source, radio traffic backs that up: "147 Meadowview Drive, 147 Meadowview Drive. (inaudible) advise that her daughter-in-law texted her and told her she was going to harm herself, her husband, and the children. And advised she does carry a firearm in her purse."

    Stagg said that, at the time of the incident, five people were inside the house: Mark Parkinson, his wife Diana, Amy and her two children, a 6-year-old and a 16-year-old. Amy and her children were staying with her parents during the divorce proceedings, he said.

    Stagg said they were asleep when Parkinson heard their three dogs barking from inside the residence. Parkinson retrieved his firearm for protection, Stagg said. Parkinson and his wife Diana then went into the kitchen area and heard someone banging on the kitchen window, Stagg said.

    Within seconds, three shots were fired, with one striking Parkinson's jugular vein (throat area), causing him to bleed to death
    , the lawyer said.

    Diana called for Amy to come downstairs and call 911, he said. Amy, a registered nurse, began to administer aid to her father by applying pressure to his neck, Stagg said.

    Stagg said the family waited 3-5 minutes until paramedics and law enforcement arrived, believing that an unknown assailant had shot and killed Parkinson through the kitchen window. Stagg said no one in the family heard the knocking on the door or the three deputies announcing their arrival.

    Stagg said Parkinson and Diana did not see law enforcement outside the residence and, to their knowledge, an unknown someone was simply banging on their kitchen window at 3 a.m.

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    That poor guy won't get any Social Security.

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