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Thread: How often should you replace your congressman?

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    How often should you replace your congressman?

    Another argument in favor of congressional term limits. This time the appeal is to the actual owner class in this country.

    Own a senator? Recycle. The new one will be more productive and cheaper.

    Eco-friendly version extra.

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    All Boss Hogg has to do is hire a few crisis actor sluts to claim that a congresscritter grabbed their junk, and the old cash guzzling clunker is thrown out, and a new more cash efficient replacement can be installed by the D&R party bosses. But it takes time and money to get those committee appointments and leadership positions, foundation and lobbyist connections, the art of money laundering, bribes, kickbacks, election rigging, and general skulduggery. There's really no substitute for experience.

    It may be cheaper to keep 'er?

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    I am pretty sure the new ones are well versed in the art of general skulduggery. This should be a no brainer.

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    Term limits would also force people like Ron and Rand Paul to leave earlier and reduce their chances to get anything done. Ron would have had to retire in 1985.

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    We never replace them, really. We just pay extra for the new ones. We keep writing checks to the old ones until they die.
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