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Thread: Zionist Christians - An epitome of ignorance?

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    Zionist Christians - An epitome of ignorance?

    Zionist Christians - An epitome of ignorance? - where to begin? . . .

    1) The New World Order is being constructed equally by political Israel, Great Britain, Germany, USA, Vatican, Rothschild Dynasty, and others (the common thread here is world control by Zionists). To the extent that Trump sides with Israel, Trump is the enemy of humanity.

    2) Zionist Christians falsely believe that modern Israel is the current home of biblical Jews having lineage tracing back to Abraham. They apparently are not aware that Israel has admitted to genociding the biblical Jews:

    The Massacre of The Biblical Jews by The Ashkenazi Fake Jews - 100, 000 Radiations - The Massacre of The Biblical Jews by The Ashkenazi -
    On August 14, 2004 at 9 PM, Israeli television station, Channel Ten, broke all convention and exposed the ugliest secret of Israel's Labor Zionist founders; the deliberate mass radiation poisoning of nearly all Sephardic youths. The expose began with the presentation of a documentary film called, 100, 000 Radiations, and concluded with a panel discussion moderated by TV host Dan Margalit, surprising because he is infamous for toeing the establishment line.

    New DNA Science Research Confirms... Jews Are Not Descendants of Abraham

    No Jews Are Israelite Descendants ~ Miko Peled Israeli General's Son

    Son of Israeli General tells the truth about Israel's Agenda [THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE MUST WATCH!]

    According to Stew Webb [who granted, has been exposed as COINTELPRO for the FBI, yet what he says here is in harmony with the next item, which is like the ***FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN*** on this subject]: "What is known as a Jew came about in the 16th century. All of a sudden, it appeared in the Bible. Before, it wasn't there. Go to the Old Testament - take a look. Those who claim to be Jews, the original statements in the Bible are Hebrew, Hebrew folks. John Hopkins University, about 6 years ago, 7 years ago, go ahead and punch in Google, or wherever, and punch in "gnome" G-E-N-O-M-E factor, the "genome factor". Read it. A Hebrew professor from John Hopkins University did this study, 5 million 5 years, got volunteered money. He came up with this end result - DNA testing all over the middle east, the Ukraine, the middle east - he found that 8 out of 10 Palestinians have the true Hebrew bloodline - 2 out of 10 do not. Those Palestinians are the real Jews. He found out 8 out of 10 in Israel do not have Hebrew blood in them. They invaded Israel in 1947, and slaughtered 40,000 true Hebrews, and took the place over. Their flag flies the Satanic emblem on it. Now why is that? Why is that folks - think about it. Think about what end-time prophecies talk about in Revelation. They would rebuild the temple, there would be the antichrist would occupy the temple and declare himself to be God. Think about this. What is Israel really all about, the so called Israel? Think about it. Judge for yourself. Now where did all those people come from, those 8 out of 10 who do not have Hebrew bloodline? They came from the Ukraine. 8 out of 10 of them came from Europe, out of the Ukraine, the old Khazars. Look at biblical maps, Khazars, I've studied this. These people are FAKE Jews! The word Jew, oh, and the star of David, David did not have no star".

    This article by the Biblicism Institute is the ***FINAL NAIL IN THE COFFIN***: "Are Jews The Israelites Of The Bible? The Awkward Moment When Jews Realize They’re The Goyim"
    - https://biblicisminstitute.wordpress...s-of-the-bible

    *** NOTE - The article above is a little long, but all you really have to read is is the first 6 paragraphs, and then skip down and READ the section labeled "JACOB’S SEED".

    3) The Roots of Christian Zionism: How Scofield Sowed Seeds of Apostasy

    4) Even Jews Ask: Is Judaism a Satanic Cult?

    5) Google "Jew World Order", and also Google "Greater Israel Project"

    6) The Bible states that Israel will rule over the entire world, but sits upon the Dragon (USA/NWO) as an unseen Queen; and that by her hand, she will initiate the genocide of Christianity, she will be drunk on the martyrs of Jesus Christ.
    (Authorized King James version), Revelation chapter 12 and 13. In the Bible, the Dragon is in reference to global empires. In the book of Revelation, the Dragon is depicted as having 7 heads, which are representative of 7 global empires. Jeremiah 51:34, shows that Nebuchanezzer of Babylon, was one of the 7 heads. Ezekiel 29:3, shows that Pharoah of Egypt, was also a Dragons head. Daniel tells us that the Medo-Persian empire, the Grecian empire, and the Roman empire, were also Dragons heads. Its believed that the Ottoman empire was also one of the 7 heads. This means, one more Dragons head must rise (Revelation 13), almost certainly being the NWO.
    Zechariah 9:6 says a bastard (impostor) would be in Ashdod modern day Tele Viv.

    7) "All Wars Are Bankers' Wars" [and of course it is the Zionist fake Jew central bankers, not the least of which include the Rothschilds, who have been behind all of these, and in fact it was the Rothschilds which created the United Nations, which in turn created Israel, which to this day is not a legitimate country, because there has been no treaty signed to that effect. The Saudi Royal Family however is made up of crypto-Jews, so there you have your other Jewish led nation]

    Israel illegally occupied Jerusalem, annexed it, declared it the Capital which the U.N. refused to acknowledge and actually tabled and mandated a UN SC resolution for Israel to GET OUT ? in fact Israel currently is ignoring 30 tabled and mandated UN resolutions to GET OUT of ?The Occupied Territories? and the U.S. vetoed another 30 or so tabled UN resolutions to the same effect

    other Israeli crimes include:
    the use of banned cluster & phosphorus munitions on civilians
    turned the Gaza strip into the largest prison on earth where they have dismembered and burned many of them alive through massive bombing campaigns
    murdered 5 peace workers on flotilla coming to the aid of Palestinians in Gaza who were being starved
    shoots teens for throwing stones at tanks
    has built an illegal "berlin style" wall
    continues to build illegal settlements on occupied territory against international law

    8) Heartwarming or heartless? Israeli propaganda vs. reality

    Palestinians bury amputee protester killed in Gaza border clashes [protesting Trump's Jerusalem declaration]
    Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, who lost both of his legs in an IAF [Israeli Air Force] strike in 2008, was often seen taking part in clashes on the Gaza border. He was killed Friday, with the Palestinians claiming he was shot in the head by an Israeli sniper; IDF: 'Troops instructed to shoot at lower body of main instigators.'

    A 60-year-old Palestinian woman suffered a fatal heart attack overnight between Tuesday and Wednesday when Israeli army soldiers raided her home in the village of al-Zubeidat, north of Jericho in the northeastern occupied West Bank. Official Palestinian Authority (PA)-owned Wafa news agency reported that Hamda Zubeidat, 60, suffered a heart attack after Israeli soldiers threw a stun grenade at her house during a raid on the town. Despite efforts to revive her, Wafa reported, Zubeidat died shortly after. "The soldiers raided the village after midnight, causing panic and fear among residents, throwing stun grenades at homes," Wafa reported, adding that "no reason was given for the raid."

    More Evidence of Israel Falsely Accusing/Framing Palestinians For Inciting Violence - They Always Fabricate a False Stickman Narrative as a Lame Excuse For Plundering The $#@! Out of the Palestinians [Remember all those (FAKE) claims over the decades of rockets launched, which AMAZINGLY WERE NEVER EVER EVEN CLAIMED to have caused ANY DAMAGE to Israelis]:

    Media Silent as Israel Attacks Iranian Military Base, Provoking War Just Like They Said They Would

    Israel has a long history of showing no interest in peace, only war. Radical Muslims are merely pawns under Israel's control, and so both the Zionists and political Muslims are effectively on the same team. Neither Judaism nor Islam are religions as much as they are EVIL political ideologies. Anyone who sides with either the Muslims, or Zionist fake Jews is EQUALLY EVIL TO THE CORE!!!!!!!
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    Today I made an IMPORTANT update which shows up in bold in three places in the OP.

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