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Thread: Department clears Michigan cops who cuffed girl, 11, at gunpoint

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    Department clears Michigan cops who cuffed girl, 11, at gunpoint

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    The Grand Rapids Police Department said in a news release Wednesday that an internal investigation of the Dec. 6 incident found the officers didn't violate department policy.
    Policy God says all is well. Move along.
    I do not consent.

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    He feared for his safety.

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    I checked out the Grand Rapids police Facebook page --

    they bought a bike for an 11-year-old boy (with money stolen from the taxpayers) , and all the comments are about how wonderful they are, so it's all good.

    They could have shot the girl (like the deputies who shot the 6 year-old in San Antonio) and it would be the same.
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    Probably saved her from a life of crime, THANK YOU POLICE!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Schifference View Post
    The man did not think clearly. It was almost as if he had brain cancer of something.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Origanalist View Post
    Probably saved her from a life of crime, THANK YOU POLICE!
    The same can be said of the six year old boy.

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    Not to excuse the tactics of drawing guns on people and handcuffing them for no apparent reason, but watching the video, the girl was big enough to look like an adult in the dark.
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