Chinese Hydrogen Tram, a world first

Wuhan to house China's first industry park for developing hydrogen fuel cells

WUHAN, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- China's first hydrogen fuel cell industry park will be built in the economic and technological development zone of Wuhan, capital of central China's Hubei Province.

With an investment of 11.5 billion yuan (about 1.75 billion U.S. dollars) from a Shenzhen-based high tech company, the projected industry park will focus on research and production of hydrogen fuel cells, according to authorities of Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Zone.

The development zone authorities say they hope the industry park will help form an industrial chain incorporating the research, manufacturing, and sale of hydrogen fuel-powered generators, develop and produce hydrogen fuel cells for coaches in cooperation with coachbuilders from other Chinese cities.

The industrial output value of the industry park is estimated to be 35 billion yuan each year.
Wuhan, which sits on the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, is home to a number of car-making companies, including Dongfeng Motor Corporation, one of China's Big Four car-makers...Full Article:

Related: Shanghai Edrive site will assemble Chinese-produced Ballard fuel cell stacks into 30kW and 85kW FCEV engines

Ballard Power Systems has announced that a subsidiary of Broad-Ocean Motor – Shanghai Edrive – has commissioned a fuel cell manufacturing facility in Shanghai, China.

Shanghai Edrive will assemble Ballard FCveloCity® 30kW and 85kW fuel cell engines at the facility under a technology transfer, licensing and supply arrangement between Ballard and Broad-Ocean that closed earlier this year. Broad-Ocean also plans to assemble Ballard-designed engines at facilities in Hubei and Shandong Provinces.

Ballard President and CEO Randy MacEwen said: “Commissioning of Shanghai Edrive’s facility is an important step in our strategy to localise production in China, as the market for fuel cell-powered heavy duty applications – including buses and commercial trucks – heats up in China. And, this timing dovetails with the recent roll-out of the Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Development Plan, a ground-breaking initiative for large-scale vehicle deployment. The Plan includes annual production targets of 3,000 fuel cell electric vehicles by 2020 and 30,000 fuel cell electric vehicles by 2025.” more:


While many Americans scoffed at and ridiculed hydrogen tech, China has decided to prioritize hydrogen and fuel cells and has said they will dominate this entire industry in 5 years. Since China can do anything these days, it's a good bet they will. Meanwhile, America will proceed to incinerate around $200 MILLION DOLLARS EVERY 24 HOURS bombing and invading lands 8,000 miles away chasing a bunch of "rebels" (funded by the US Taxpayer aka Sucker) around sand dunes.