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Thread: Zombie Corporations: Over 10% Of Global Companies Depend On Cheap Fed Money

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    Zombie Corporations: Over 10% Of Global Companies Depend On Cheap Fed Money

    Authored by Mike Shedlock via,

    Ten percent of corporations survive only because central banks have kept real interest rates negative.

    The BIS defines Zombie firms as those with a ratio of earnings before interest and taxes to interest expenses below one, with the firm aged 10 years or more.

    In simple terms, Zombies are those firms that could not survive without a flow of cheap financing.

    The above chart shows the median share of zombie firms across AU, BE, CA, CH, DE, DK, ES, FR, GB, IT, JP, NL, SE and US.

    According to the BIS Quarterly Report one out of ten corporations in emerging and advanced countries is a "Zombie".

    Let's dive into the report for more details.

    The inability to come to grips with the financial cycle has been a key reason for the unsatisfactory performance of the global economy and limited room for policy manoeuvre.

    Since 2007, productivity growth has slowed in both advanced economies and EMEs. One potential factor behind this decline is a persistent misallocation of capital and labour, as reflected by the growing share of unprofitable firms. Indeed, the share of zombie firms Ė whose interest expenses exceed earnings before interest and taxes Ė has increased significantly despite unusually low levels of interest rates.

    Over the past 10 years, there has been a close positive correlation between the growth of corporate credit and investment. A build-up of corporate debt has financed investment in many economies, particularly in EMEs, including high investment rates in China. Turning financial cycles in these economies could therefore weigh on investment.

    As with consumption, the level of debt can affect investment. Rising interest rates would push up debt service burdens in countries with high corporate debt.

    Moreover, in EMEs with large shares of such debt in foreign currency, domestic currency depreciation could hurt investment. As mentioned before, an appreciation of funding currencies, mainly the US dollar, increases debt burdens where currency mismatches are present and tightens financial conditions (the exchange rate risktaking channel).

    Empirical evidence suggests that a depreciation of EME currencies against the US dollar dampens investment significantly, offsetting to a large extent the positive impact of higher net exports.

    Full article on link...
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    Only 10%? When Tesla has a higher market cap than Ford, it seems to me that without the CBs pouring money into companies through debt markets and equity manipulation there would be a lot more than 10% that require the free cash. Cooked books abound, plus the BIS is the shot-caller for metals manipulation so it would be apparent how false it all is if not for that.
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