On my blog I have a page that lists over 50 links to some of the most important articles, blog entries, scholarly papers and books about economics. Since the links are so important I've decided that they deserve their own website. One obstacle is coming up with a decent domain name that isnít already taken.

Iím leaning towards the idea of turning the website into a non-profit like Wikipedia. Donors could submit links and use their money to help determine their order. In theory this system would allow the Invisible Hand to optimally divide societyís limited attention among its unlimited information. Weíd minimize the chances of overlooking truly important info.

Right now most of the content on the web is sorted chronologically. It's useful to see the most recent info, but it's even more useful to be able to see the most useful info. When I was compiling the list there were several instances when I realized that I had completely forgotten about some important pro-market material. It's the simple case of... "out of sight, out of mind." Burying the best pro-market materials is never beneficial.

Reddit allows participants to vote links up or down. The premise is that voting is the best way to determine how useful something is. If this is true, then what would be the point of markets?

From my perspective, markets are the only way to truly determine how useful something is. I don't think that there are any exceptions to this rule. Being willing to spend your money on something proves that it's useful to you. The bigger the sacrifice that you're willing to make for something, the more useful that it is to you. "Give me liberty, or give me death."

However, it's certainly the case that liberals have a lot more money to spend than libertarians. But do you see liberals spending a lot of their money to move their champions to the top of the list? If so... who would their number one champion be... Marx, Rawls, Krugman or Piketty?

It would probably be a good idea to include tags for each link. Then visitors could easily filter the links by tags... "liberal", "libertarian" and so on. This would make it really easy to find the most useful anti-market arguments and the most useful pro-market arguments. We would essentially use our money to make it impossible for liberals to ignore/overlook the best pro-market arguments. They would either have to address them or admit that they were unable to do so.

What do you think? If anybody is interested in helping to start the website/organization please PM me your e-mail address.