After-effects of #MyHarveyWeinstein/#MeToo continue. Days after longest serving African-American Congressman was forced to resign, another former civil rights leader has been exited.
Just saw him yesterday discuss Trump 'obtruction of justice' related topics with Joe on 'Morning Joe' where he is or was a frequent guest.


Exclusive: Former Congressman Harold Ford Jr. Fired For Misconduct By Morgan Stanley

A woman who was interviewed as part of the company’s HR probe separately told HuffPost that Ford harassed her one evening in Manhattan several years ago.

By Yashar Ali

Former Democratic Congressman Harold Ford Jr. has been fired for misconduct by Morgan Stanley after facing a human resources investigation into allegations of misconduct, a company spokeswoman confirmed.

“He has been terminated for conduct inconsistent with our values and in violation of our policies,” a spokeswoman for Morgan Stanley told HuffPost in an email.

At least one woman, who is not a Morgan Stanley employee but interacted with Ford in a professional capacity, was interviewed by Morgan Stanley’s HR department as part of the investigation.

In two interviews with HuffPost, the woman alleged that Ford engaged in harassment, intimidation, and forcibly grabbed her one evening in Manhattan, leading her to seek aid from a building security guard. The incident took place several years ago when Ford and the woman were supposed to be meeting for professional reasons. Ford continued to contact her after the encounter until she wrote an email asking him to cease contact.

The email, which was reviewed by HuffPost, shows that the woman emailed Ford after he repeatedly asked her to drinks. She asked him not to contact her anymore, citing his inappropriate conduct the evening where he forcibly grabbed and harassed her.


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