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Thread: US Says It Doesn't Need a Court Order To Ask Tech Companies To Build Encryption Backdoors

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    US Says It Doesn't Need a Court Order To Ask Tech Companies To Build Encryption Backdoors

    According to statements from July released this weekend, intelligence officials told members of the Senate Intelligence Committee that there's no need for them to approach courts before requesting a tech company help willfully -- though they can always resort to obtaining a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court order if the company refuses. The documents show officials testified they had never needed to obtain such an FISC order, though they declined to tell the committee whether they had "ever asked a company to add an encryption backdoor," per ZDNet. Other reporting has suggested the FISC has the power to authorize government personnel to compel such technical assistance without even notifying the FISC of what exactly is required. Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act gives authorities additional powers to compel service providers to build backdoors into their products.
    Then how bout just not building tech $#@! in the USA anymore? Solves that problem, and court orders dont do $#@! to override it in other countries.

    Wait... Where did all our tech jobs go?
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