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Thread: Before sex scandals brought him down, Weinstein was financing anti-Trump movie

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    Before sex scandals brought him down, Weinstein was financing anti-Trump movie

    If this is not fakenews, probably just coincidence. Regardless, what a domino effect his fall has had.

    Battle Brewing Between Michael Moore, Harvey & Bob Weinstein Over Donald Trump-Themed ‘Fahrenheit 9/11’ Sequel

    by Mike Fleming Jr
    November 30, 2017

    Sources said the brothers paid just north of $2 million out of the $6 million pledged in a docu deal Moore used to get the film to this point. That deal was made before TWC was hobbled by the testimonies of numerous women that painted Harvey Weinstein as a serial sexual predator. Sources describe the crux of the dispute this way: the Weinsteins want their money back, while Moore and his WME reps want them to step aside, chalking the loss up to the price of scandal.

    Moore, who blasted Harvey Weinstein after numerous women came forward in press reports, doesn’t want to pay anything because morally it would compromise his film to cut a check to a man he considers a sexual predator, sources said. Moore and his WME reps believe Weinstein should consider the spent funds to be shrapnel from a downfall of his own making, and that he should just simply step aside and allow Moore to finish and release his film. After all, blocking the film from release would give the last laugh to Trump, whom Weinstein campaigned against in the last presidential election when he backed Hillary Clinton, before the Democratic Party cut all ties with him following the scandal.


    Major Obama Donor's Lawyers Battling NYT, New Yorker Over Potentially Explosive Stories

    "If we could survive each other, we'd do a great job," says indie king and Weinstein Co. co-chairman as he dishes on wooing Trayvon Martin's family and championing LGBT and women's rights in the Trump era.

    Obama Adviser Helped Strategize Before Story Broke...

    Michelle Obama: Harvey Weinstein is a good friend, a wonderful human being

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    Just sticking this here...

    Lena Dunham: I Told Clinton Campaign About Weinstein

    During Barack Obama's presidency, Harvey Weinstein liked to boast, "I know the president of the United States. Who do you know?" In a lengthy story, the New York Times reports it was a connection used to "enhance his reputation as well as his power to intimidate." As was Weinstein's connection to Hillary Clinton, whom he assisted through fundraising, apparently despite warnings. Lena Dunham tells the Times she warned the Clinton campaign to distance itself from Weinstein in March 2016. "Harvey's a rapist and this is going to come out at some point," Dunham recalls telling Clinton's deputy communications director Kristina Schake, whom Dunham says promised to inform campaign manager Robby Mook. Dunham says she also expressed concerns to campaign spokesperson Adrienne Elrod but saw no response.

    However, both Schake and Elrod say Dunham never mentioned rape. Despite former Vanity Fair editor Tina Brown claiming she also warned Clinton's team about Weinstein as early as 2008, Mook adds he never heard any warning. "That's something staff wouldn't forget," Clinton's communications director, Nick Merrill, tells the Times. The report also describes how Weinstein used allies in Hollywood and the media to silence accusers, something he apparently tried to do even when he knew he would be the subject of an exposé. Noting that their accounts are backed up by text messages, the Times reports two women say Weinstein invited them to his hotel room at the Toronto Film Festival in September, made "massage requests, other unwelcome advances and offers of career help," then told them not to speak of the encounter. The full story is here.
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    Women being molested would not bother a clinton .

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