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Thread: How to buy cryptos?

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    How to buy cryptos?

    Looking to buy ETH and LTC.

    I realize that I can simply google "how to" but I would prefer some first hand experiences/recommendations.

    I know there are a lot of services and exchanges.

    Trying to avoid being a victim of theft, scammers or the collapse of an exchange.
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    The easiest way is to get a wallet on and link your checking account to it. The process takes about a week considering over 100k new accounts are being onboarded everyday, but it's simple. Easy buying afterwards. Change settings to 2 factor authorization so you get an SMS to your cellphone in order to login which offers a 2nd level of encryption.

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    LTC is fine.

    Eth is $#@!. You will be a bag holder for ICO scammers and their lambos. Besides the smart contract idea is pluggable on any blockchain. it is simply useless right now.

    you need trusted oracles.

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    The easiest way is to get a cfd on Alpari made two new instruments (bitcoin CFDs) available for trading on all ECN accounts:


    Bitcoin’s market cap has already surpassed 41 billion USD, which is higher than that of several countries across Europe, Central America and Africa.

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    The easiest way depends on how you like to do things. You can buy cryptocurrencies with cash, credit card, bank account, barter, chain-swap, and other methods. So, there are lots of ways to buy crypto. What's "best" depends on what you're looking to do.

    It's important to understand that cryptocurrencies are like cash. If you buy Bitcoin and store it in a wallet on your phone, and lose the phone, you've lost the Bitcoin. The same is true for ETH or LTC. There is risk in holding your own crypto but also security - nobody can steal your coins away from you. Even if they steal your phone, they still cannot get your coins. If you make backups, you will still have your coins.

    Some people buy cryptocurrency and leave the keys with an exchange (this is called an "online wallet" or "web wallet"). When an exchange collapses or if there is a hardfork or some other conditions, you can lose your coins with no way to get recompense. Before storing your coins with a third-party, such as coinbase or, understand the risks involved and assess whether this is the use-model you had in mind. In my opinion, most people with web wallets would be better off storing their assets in a regular bank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ClaytonB View Post,
    NO please! Never use an online service to store your coins. Surface attack or potential loss is huge. Phising. business going dark. business exit scam. JESUS.

    Control your keys. That's the whole point! Learn how to do it. Buy a hardware wallet like Nano Ledger S. I am still not convinced you can spend your coins if they pull the plug from their back end.

    Learn the down sides of the Nano Ledger or Trezor.

    I still keep most of my coins on Bitcoin Core, LTC Core, Monero Core with the full chain synched.
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    I have a bunch of feathercoin. How exactly should I be storing it? I kept it on an old laptop, so is it stuck on the laptop until I move it. I printed an alphanumeric code and also the key, so would it still be accessible if say the laptop hard drive died?

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