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Thread: DOD Conference Bill Passed...Yet We're Less Safe & Poorer

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    DOD Conference Bill Passed...Yet We're Less Safe & Poorer

    DOD Conference Bill Passed...Yet We're Less Safe & Poorer

    Massive spending on the US global military empire does not equal peace and prosperity for Americans, but the opposite. The new DoD authorization bill has passed in its final form and it is truly enormous...
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    This raises questions for me about Trump... you know, the whole "drain the swamp" thing and all that.

    $700B is a chunk of change, even by today's grossly depreciated standards. Trump is clearly no idiot, contrary to what the überfags like to endlessly shriek. What, then, explains his presumed jump on the bandwagon?

    Is he ignorant? Corrupt? Eville? Is he just being pragmatic, going along to get as much "good" out of what may for him be a clearly $#@!ed national situation? Has he been read the riot act, replete with substantive threats leveled at his family?

    Any opinions on it?
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    Pray for reset.

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